Stark Drive: Arrival / Inspection / Assembly / Warranty / Maintenance


Hello Backers,

Well its about time that I shared a few words about when your very on custom configured Stark Drive arrives to your door. We have had some situations where our backers are a bit unaware of the procedures involved in receiving your stark drive to assembly to riding and maintenance. Its really important to understand what you should be checking for and doing in order to ensure your warranty remains valid and even to assist us in validating any claims if such occur.

Firstly I wanted to talk about the final delivery of your bikes. When we send out the bikes from the factory, the have already been assembled once and tested by our QC team who works (and nearly sleeps) locally at the factory. Their job is to ensure that the bike matches what you backed and that everything works as it should. Once the bike is tested the front wheel is removed as are the pedals and its boxed. We learned from Batch 1 that our bikes are roughhoused especially in the States so we have significantly improved packaging on subsequent batches but this unfortunately does not guarantee there will be no damage

Before accepting your Stark Drive from the final Carrier, check the box for obvious damage or whether the box has been opened.

All our bikes have tamper proof seals. If the bike is opened for customs purposes they will have their own special branded tape which indicates as such. if the box has been opened and not resealed or resealed with normal tape, it means that items may have been removed from your box. Be sure to mark this on receipt with the carrier and immediately contact us with photos.

Damage must be reported within 1 week of reception.

If when you get Stark Drive there is damage that was caused in shipping it must be reported to us and fully documented with photos/videos within 1 week otherwise our factory WILL NOT honor the warranty they provide us and we do not have any spare parts. The factory can track reception as can you or we with the information available online via tracking with the final carrier.

Any damage or defective parts will be replaced by shipping them from china at our expense. Final installation is the responsibility of the backer and must be done professionally.

Stark Drive Warranty

Our warranty is 6 months (unless you backed an additional warranty of up to 2 years). The warranty does not include ware and tare and frankly the warranty is mainly for the electrical system (including the battery) as these components are expensive to replace, the other components on the bike are time tested to function durably as we use all brand name parts such as Shimano.

If something goes wrong during your warranty period, we need to send evidence of this to the factory. Before contacting us, take photos and video of the problem and describe the problem well to us in your email. This information will be passed along to the factory whom make the final judgement of how to repair any problems.


Just like anything else Stark Drive requires maintenance. You need to keep it properly lubricated and tuned. In fact we recommend that you take your bike to a bike shop for final assembly and tuning before even riding it the first time as the bike gets jostled around a lot in shipping and bolts nuts etc can get loose. This is a high performance machine and to keep it operating optimally why not start with it being perfectly assembled and tuned?


we are working on improving the documentation and manuals for stark drive. we have assembled the most important documents in one location here. We are working on getting a translation of the bike computer manual with all settiings included there as well:



Does this need to be assembled at a Bike Shop or can i do it?


CEO, Stark Drive LLC