Stark Drive 1000W & 4000W Models Being Prototyped, EU Legal


Hello Everyone.We have been closely following developments in the electric bike legislation that is ongoing in the EU and it seems that the forces that be are warming to the idea of electric bikes. Despite imposing a hefty duty charge on all electric bikes that are being imported from China, they are warming to the fact that higher power electric bikes, so long as they are speed limited, should be allowed. I spoke about this issue and the gross misunderstanding at the governmental value in a previous blog post here:


Just as i had written about previously, it seems that it will now be the maximum speed that is what the legislators will look to regulate instead of the maximum power of the motor. We had of course not been resting on our thumbs over here and did manage to get the L1e-A certification for Stark Drive up to 1000W here in europe and have been working on our 750W motor prototype which we can now comment goes crazy fast with an exceptionally powerful acceleration.

The regulators are even warming the idea of a 'throttle' meaning that you will not even have to peddle if you do not want to when using an electric bike so long as the speed does not exceed 25kph.

Furthermore, they are also thinking about cargo and helping to get electric bikes on the road to help replace transportation vehicles for the family or when you are carrying groceries or other goods from point a to b. Regulators are currently looking to also legalize up to 4000W motors on electric bikes so long as they have 3 or more wheels making them the perfect substitute for urban dwellers looking to run the odd errand or transport the family within town.

A perfectly environmentally friendly way to get around.

You can learn more about this at about the 10 minute mark in the video below discussing the issue.


Stark Drive Team
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