Sondors Introduces the 'Fold Mini' for $799 (Stark Drive Mini Still Starts at $299)


Hello Backers!

One of my personal greatest inspirations in my continuing endeavors to become a global enabler for electric bike technology comes from one of the pioneers of this movement: Sondors.

Sondors brought the affordable electric bike movement mainstream with a $499 USD Electric bike as below on both the kickstarter and indiegogo platforms:



Sondors raised millions for his electric bikes that were backed all over the world and i even had a chance to see one on a recent trip to Riga, Latvia below:

We recently received an update email from Sondors with the fantastic news that they are entering the 'Folding' ebike space meaning that we over at stark drive were onto something when we launched Stark Drive, as the original Sondors above no no ability to fold.

Their first entry into the folding space was Sondors Fold (below), and we are intensely interested in introducing a complimentary product as part of the 'Stark Drive' line-up of bikes, more on this later.

More importantly, Sondors has now introduced the Sondors Fold Mini which seems to be a distant relative of Stark Drive Mini (which we are launching in Late Spring/Early Summer.

Sondors has priced his Mini for $799 with an impressive set of features. One design choice he made which we thought was a bit of overkill was disc brakes on a bike with low inertia and momentum, such a powerful braking system adds, unnecessary cost to the design, in our opinion.

Stark Drive Mini will be infinitely upgradable and starts at an unbelievable $299 US.

Backers will even have the possibility to back a Stark Drive Mini you can fly with anywhere in the world, batteries an all.

The First eBike in the world designed to fly!

Sondors Fold Mini

Sondors Fold Sport (Starting at $899 US)

Sondors Fold (Starting at $1229 US)

Note that if you do want to have some weather protection (fenders) and a rear rack for a Sondors fold, the cost to upgrade this feature is $169 USD. If you compare to Stark Drive City the cost to upgrade this feature on our bikes is a rather more affordable $70 USD.

Above is a reference to the disappearance of Blockbuster Video whom failed to innovate and was actually offered the chance to invest in Netflix at a very early stage back when they used to mail out DVDs.


We think competition drives innovation. Instead of competition we consider these other players our mate that in a functioning market economy it is the backers that decide what ultimately survives in the marketplace and what is out-innovated by competition.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC.