Shipping Update Sweden, Norway Turkey Israel, Bermuda, Iceland


Hello Backers,

We have started sending out some requests for paying for importation duty and customs fees to our backers in the south pacific, asia, middle east, and south america. you may have received an email regarding this if you have backed an email from these locations. Note that these fees are a real bargain as we learned in our first batch of bikes to the same, sending it via LCL (less then a container load) incurs many extra fees not to mention the fact that the backer is required to act as the import agent which in itself takes a long period and incurs storage fees at the port. None of these additional funds to go us rather they to go the logistics company.

All the EU bikes will have customs and duty fees sent to the backers and must be paid before they leave the factory. These will be coming in the next few days.

Below you will see photos of the full container for the above titled locations. Once these get to Sweden we will send customs payment requests and then send them out via UPS or DHL to your homes. We expect it to take about 4 weeks for the bikes to arrive to us here in Sweden.

Mate Libel Lawsuit in Denmark

I went to Denmark last week for the day in order to attend the trial that was brought up against our lovely competitor mate for breeching the marketing act in Denmark. I had the chance to meet Michael and his sister. The trial went exceedingly well and we believe that we have succeeded but the results and decision are not going to be posted till April 25th.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC