Now More Than Ever, It's A Great Time To Commute With Stark Drive


There is a lot of hysteria spreading around the globe right now with COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) and this has lead to recommendations that people isolate themselves in their homes. For those of us that can work from home, it is an excellent recommendation in order to stem the transmission of this virulent disease however if your surroundings are anything like what we are experiencing in Stockholm right now, the streets, are empty and there is only so much Netflix that one can ensure before needing to exercise.

In these uncertain times, you can count on Stark Drive to continue to offer unbelievably affordable fully loaded electric bikes at a fraction of our competitions pricing. Furthermore the benefits of our range of electric bikes being able to be folded and brought indoors with you no matter how cramped your accommodation ensures that your bikes will be safe by your side and ready to use when you need them to get around.

While we are in full agreement with social distancing and taking care to wash your hands to ensure good health, however we believe that an excellent way to stay health is to exercise and there is no better way to do that than with an electric bike. No matter if your 5 to 95 years of age, whatever your physical ability or skill level, an electric bike can ensure that you can both exercise and safely get from point a to b no matter what.

Stark Drive is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and your surroundings inspiring positive energy and optimism.

Last week the NYTimes reported a 52% surge in people commuting with their bicycles in order to avoid public transportation:


And from our correspondence with customers around the world, we have noticed the same thinking throughout Europe and Asia.

The benefits of commuting via electric bike are many and include improved health, saving money (a monthly pass for public transport here in Stockholm for example costs approximately $95), reducing climate change by avoiding oil driven transportation and simply experiencing the world around you instead of being confined to a motor driven vehicle.

Stark Drive's Mission Statement has from the start been to offer ultra affordable electric bikes with the latest features that were fully configurable so that anyone, no matter their income level, could afford to go electric. To that effect we have enabled thousands of people around the world to ditch their gasoline powered transport and travel green and we will continue to refine, and advance the electric bike market to our utmost.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC