Kiev ActivExpo 2018


Hello Backers,

Stark Drive was honored to be invited to attend the 2018 Kiev AktivExpo (http://www.activexpo.com.ua/) as a guest to discuss partnerships to bring Stark Drive to Ukraine. As hard as it may be to believe our electric bikes are less expensive then many non electric models in the Ukrainian marketplace and as such we want to get affordable green transportation to everyone that wants it in Ukraine.

While at the expo we saw a plethora of electric bike offerings with differing styles, designs, and price-points, however once again Stark Drive was the most affordable to be seen anywhere in the conference center. We did see a very familiar style of electric bike that we can exactly place but perhaps you backers can help us in solving this mystery.

It would be good to remember that the prices you see below are in Ukrainian hryvnia's meaning that 10.000 Ukrainian is worth approximately 376 USD.

15,670 Ukranian (590 USD) includes front light, rear rack, a comfortable seat as well as many other standard features.

Directly Driven Bike with no Chain!

And of course what expo would not be complete with the friendly expo representatives!

Batch 2 (Rest of the world exclusive USA/Canada)

these bikes will be done around March 20 and be shipping directly after that to everyone in the world. We appreciate your patience, it will be well worth it with the host of free upgrades we have made to this batch as detailed in a previous blog post!


CEO, Stark Drive LLC