Jeep Releases Eye Wateringly Priced Electric Bike With Less Features Than Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire 3X The Price


We at Stark Drive are always excited when new electric bikes are released to keep the entire industry on its toes and help to push the technology forward. Competition is important as lack thereof will stifle innovation however companies must have a sense of other similarly configured bikes in the marketplace when releasing new models.

The new Jeep model pictured above uses the same engine as our Stark Drive Torque Fat tire albeit at a price 3x as much. Just as the jeep you can get a lot more power out of the engine and contrary to what was reported by electrek the engine can comfortably handle up to 2500W of power with a properly configured battery pack.

Without knowing much more about the specification we are unsure if you can connect to the engine to change the configuration settings on the motor like you can with our electric bike and furthermore we include such features as:

  • Fingerprint recognition unlocking (leave your keys at home)
  • High Power USB out on the battery pack
  • Wireless charging for your mobile
  • Bafang GO app connectivity being tested, and
  • Worldwide GPS tracking option.

The starting price of Stark Drive Torque Fat tire will be a modest $1999 when we relauch it in Late Spring/Early Summer 2020.

In the mean time we are refining the design and hope to add even more features to this already feature-packed electric bike when we release the first models to our customers.

You can find more information, sign up for launch information as well as 3D views of our two models Stark Drive Torque and Stark Drive Torque Max on our website:



CEO, Stark Drive LLC