Inevitable Increase in eBike Prices for the EU



I am conflicted, and confused. The mantra has always been that the EU must work together in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and there has been a considerable effort in order to build more renewable sources of energy such as wind, water, and even nuclear (although the last one is debatable from an environmental standpoint).

There has also been several efforts throughout the eu to get more people to use electric bikes with government incentives in france, sweden and several other EU countries. There has even been a push for electric vehicles of the 3 and 4 wheeled variety and even slow but steady restrictions put in place preventing even these types of vehicles and their gas guzzling counterparts from metropolitan centers.

From an environmental standpoint, this is great and wise and logical. The logic from my perspective tends to disappear when one considers the fact that, even with incentives from the government, the average person still needs to be able to afford an electric bike and to that respect the EU (and the US to a degree) has decided it is logical to impose anti dumping duties on all electric bikes that originate from China stating that local companies can not compete.

I could write forever about business competition economics and the simple fact that in order to compete you must innovate be it on price or tech, if you can not innovate, someone else will and you will cease to exist, that is unless you get the lawyers and government involved.....this all sounds very familiar doesn't it my mate's.

You cant have your cake and eat it too. Pick your battle, if your battle is to restrict competition and limit consumer choice through government regulation, that’s great but on the flip side if your goal is to incentivize more environmentally forms of transport that people actually use and can afford then there should not be taxes that make this less appealing.

The EU since a few months back has introduced an anti dumping duty of about 84% on all electric bikes that originate from china. some companies have tried to innovate moving their production facilities to another country which is nothing but a short term fix to a long term problem. once the volumes get high enough in these new countries, the government will impose taxes here also.

The US has introduced protectionary measures of about 25% on all electric bikes originating from china when once there was no additional duties whatsoever for Chinese made electric bikes.

The EU tax serves to basically double the price of an imported electric bike meaning that even less people then before can afford one.



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