Indiegogo: December 15th ➠ Which Mini Is Right For You?


We are super excited to be working with Indiegogo again for the upcoming worldwide launch of Stark Drive Mini (SDM): the most affordable and customizable electric bike ever!

As a base model, SDM will start at a mind-blasting $299 US which is even more affordable than some of our toughest competition such as Swagtron and our bike still operates as a bike unlike some of our competition which are electric only.

We are aiming to cover the gambit of all last mile usage case scenarios with the launch of SDM whether it is someone that wants an ultra affordable and ultra light last mile transporter which they can sling over their back with our custom designed carrying case or on the other side an ultra compact powerhouse with a powerful 350W motor and upgrades in cruise control, display, as well as ultra durable disc brakes.

Now there is a misconception that perhaps exists whereby people think that a 350W motor is not very powerful and although there exists more powerful motors on the market such as up to 1000W one must also consider the weight of mini plays a significant factor in the acceleration of the bike off the line as well as the top speed.

Think of it as putting a V8 motor in a Geo Metro which used to operate on a 3 cylinder engine. Due to the low weight of the car itself, even though there are more powerful engines on the market, the V8 turns the metro into a powerhouse. The same is true for the 350W version of Mini which is the highest possible motor we could fit on these ultra compact wheels. The acceleration is mind blowing and the range is incredible.

We have also stayed true to our philosophy in adopting our configure to your unique usage case scenario on our upcoming launch. You can pick a host of options depending on what you need from a basic bike computer to a very advanced large format display to cruise control and throttle and even different sizes of battery packs that would even allow you to legally take SDM on a plane removing the hassles of finding transportation when you arrive to your destination.

We even have the option to change the tradition steel chain out to a carbon belt drive system which not only lasts much longer, and requires less maintenance but is also lighter.

Our visit to Burning Man 2018 was a huge success with SDM stealing the show on the agility courses that were set up at the event.

There will only be a limited number of Early Bird units that launch at our unbelievable price of $299 so stay tuned to Indiegogo on December 15th at Noon Swedish Time (GMT+1) to get yours.

Whether you Take the Subway, Bus, Boat, RV, or even Plane, Stark Drive Mini is your faithful companion which will get you there with ease.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC