Happy Easter - A 'STARK' Bonus On Stark Drive


Happy Easter to all of our original backers and our customers whom have decided to go electric and be more physically active or even those that decided to commute carbon free and leave your vehicle at home. We are still working hard during this challenging time to help get our production lines up and running again so that we can meet the demand for Stark Drive which had been halted for several months due to the pandemic that has spread worldwide over the last several months.

We are pleased to say that our production lines are now up and running and while we are still facing some challenges on shipping custom made bikes to customers worldwide, our STOCK bikes are ready to ship from our warehouses in North America and the EU. We have stock bikes pre configured in the most popular configurations for

  • Stark Drive City,
  • Stark Drive City+ and,
  • Stark Drive Advanced.

We are also working with our factory to get a production finished for a batch of Stark Drive Advanced with The RAD Power Upgrade at 750W, which we hope to have completed in the coming days.


For those of you whom have been trying to make up your mind about Stark Drive and all the advantages that our bikes have compared to the competition we have a special offer for those that read our blog. By mentioning STARKEASTER2020 in the notes section of the order page when placing your order, we will immediately credit back to you all shipping costs when purchasing Stark Drive Advanced here after you make the purchase through our website:


This is a savings of several hundred $'s off the cost of our electric bikes (shipping costs vary depending on shipping location).

This sale will last for anyone that reads this blog post and purchases a bike up to May 31st 2020.


Once more of our restrictions on movement have been eased we will be taking the second prototype of Stark Drive Torque out and about for testing and we will be posting information about the bike, its improved features, as well as hopefully more independent reviews of the bike. Stark Drive Torque will come in two versions, a regular tire with a fully EU road legal mid drive system provided to us by our partners at BAFANG as well as an off road professional 'MAX' version which will use Bafang's most powerful motor system at 750W. The more powerful version will even have the ability to be modded by the end user to get even more power out of these incredibly robust and well built drive systems with many users reporting up to 2500W of power out of these motors with the right power configuration which we can provide to our backers. It's truly the most powerful and fastest motor available on the market today.


We will be relaunching Mini in the fall with improved features and upgraded power systems (48V). If you would like more information on this launch in order to be one of the early birds where we will be offering several upgrades free of charge you can sign up on our website here: www.starkdrive.world

Thank you from the entire team at Stark Drive!


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC