First Stark Drive Unit Packaged Airlifted to Singapore


Hello Backers,

We are super pleased to have packaged and shipped the first Stark Drive unit to a lucky backer in Singapore. It was shipped via air freight and will arrive to the backer early next week. They have told us that they will be conducting an independent review and posting to all the major forms of social media on receipt.

Meanwhile production of Batch 1 is ongoing with no hiccups and we will be shipping approximately end of August. We have also started receiving quotes for shipping costs and to our surprise costs of air shipping to India (right next to China) is over 500 USD per unit which is unfortunately not going to work for us. We will keep working to find a better alternative. We are also excited to be near a solution which would see stock Stark Drive units warehoused in Europe and in the future USA in order to cut down on delivery times significantly. More on that later.

Here you can see our own branded Hub motor, in this case they have upgraded to 350W.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC