First Stark Drive Mini Shipment to an Early Backer!


We are super pleased to announce the delivery of a prototype Stark Drive MIni has been shipped to one of our early backers on our recently completed campaign on Indiegogo. We believe in getting our bikes out as fast as possible and ensuring our backers get to use the most affordable electric bike in the world as fast as possible.

The lucky backer is based in Germany and along with Stark Drive Mini we have included a number of limited edition items that are not available to anyone except our backers on Indiegogo. These include:

  • Stark Drive Leather Keychain
  • Stark Drive Limited Edition Stickers, and
  • Stark Drive Celebratory Balloons

While these will not improve your ride they will certainly help you to stand out when you are enjoying Stark Drive Mini wherever your rides may take you.

Once Stark Drive Mini is delivered, we will reach out to our backer for their feedback on their first impressions and will post these on our blog.

Stark Drive Mini Full Production

The timing of the end of our campaign is excellent as it will take a couple of weeks for the funds from Indiegogo to be transferred to us and we in turn will transfer these funds to our partners in China to being production of the remainder of all the bikes that were backed, we expect this to take about 35 days and we will ship directly after that. In all we anticipate that the bikes should be delivered early summer 2019.

Stark Drive Torque

We are still working hard to improving Stark Drive Torque and we will be posting an update to the progress of the most affordable torque based electric bike in the world soon. Initial tests suggest that in the higher end model, it is insanely fast and has torque to spare no matter what you throw at it. We will also soon be posting some ride along videos shot in the challenging hilly terrain that can be found in Stockholm and you will see for yourself that no matter what hills you are trying to climb Stark Drive Torque will always get you there with as little effort as you care to exert (of course you can always adjust the amount of assist you get to make your ride more challenging). Whether for leisure or exercise or simply commuting, Stark Drive Torque is built to handle anything you throw at it.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC