Fat Tire Varient: EVT Verification Specification Drawing


Hello Again Backers,

We wanted to get the word out our fat tire bike as soon as we heard from our manufacturing partners. Note that we never initially intended to offer a fat tire variant for Stark Drive but several people emailed us and asked us if it was possible so we went to our partners in China and they agreed that they could do it but it would require that we would have to bring into production a mould that had not been used since the creation of this style of bike.

Mate.bike claims that they created their bike when in fact they just painted their logo on an existing mould that has been available for years. We had posted about this earlier but here is further evidence. Note the date on this drawing for the same style bike at the bottom of this image. Its circa 2011 which is exactly when this style of bike was created. We at Stark Drive never claimed to have created this bike, our main and only goal has been price and since this bike has been around so long we have managed to get the best pricing in the world for any electric bike (folding or otherwise) bar none. In fact, Mate.bike had posted comments on their indigogo pages libeling us (the reason for our ongoing lawsuit in Denmark against Mate) stating that our bikes selling price was less expensive then what they pay to purchase their bikes.

This is more then likely 100% correct.

This is why we at Stark Drive don't consider Mate a competitor, they will disappear once we start shipping enmasse to our customers around the world as word will spread about how one can get an electric bike more fully equipped then the one Mate.bike is offering for about half the price.

Next year we are going to be offering the same bike as Mate sells now for 1/3 the price starting at $299.

Without you backers that helped us during our relaunch none of this would have been possible so we want to send out an extra special THANK YOU to everyone out there that believed in us and helped us during our relaunch. We also want to thank our web developer mediagate.com that had originally reached out to us during our indiegogo campaign wanting to be a part of our team and really stepped up to the plate and showed what an excellent web development company they were with the new starkdrive.bike website.

 with ♡

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC