Excellent Introduction On Electric Bikes Corresponding to Stark Drives Development


There is no shortage of information on the technology behind electric bikes and the two main systems that are most popular in the marketplace today. This being Torque based Mid Motor drives and Hub Motor based electric bikes. The primary determining factor for the average consumer has been the price difference between these two technologies due simply to competition in the (producers) marketplace and the number of manufactures producing these two types of systems.

The most common and widely produced systems currently in production are hub motor drive systems with literally hundreds of manufacturers production these well developed and refined electronic systems which in turn helps to drive prices down on this technology to the benefit of the consumer. Much less competition exists in mid motor drive circles with just a handful of manufacturers that exist and due to the reality that each of these manfuactuers have invested significant R&D capital into their systems these underlying mid motor systems are typically much more restrictive with the manufacturer of a mid motor requiring companies that use their systems to take not only the mid motor but a whole host of other components which work in tandem to ensure the system functions.

For example with a hub motor based motor, typically one can purchase the motor from one manufacture, a controller from an unrelated manufacture and so on to build a finished product which is not the case with mid motor drive manufacturers. Having Built Stark Drive Torque, we know first hand that the only components we had levy to made decisions over were all non electrical components with even the exclusion of the crankset as this was provided from Bafang as set with their mid motor drive.

Ultimately as more manufacturers enter the mid drive motor market and competition escalates in this style of motor drive, prices will naturally fall but the time being the performance gains that exists with this style of motor have historically been for early adopters whom were willing to pay more for the latest available technology.

At Stark Drive we are doing our (small) part to help drive prices down by bringing electric bike technology to the consumer without all the markups typically associated in the e-bike industry and the (up to now) standard practice of middleman after middleman each taking a cut with the eventual consumer having to pay an inflated cost which serves to hinder marketplace adoption and affordability of electric bikes.

We launched Stark Drive in 2017 for an unbelievable starting price of $399 and Stark Drive Mini (Gen1) for only $299. We even worked to launch Stark Drive Torque which was the first torque based bafang mid motor drive for $999 which was a fraction of the average cost in the marketplace.

We plan on relaunching Stark Drive Mini (Gen2) with upgraded specifications, more powerful power system (to 48V) which will give the consumer more hill climbing and towing power and to relaunch Stark Drive Torque once we finish testing the Gen3 prototype which we expect to receive very soon with all the integrated tech that we have discussed on previous blog posts about this very powerful and feature loaded electric bike.

We see 48V as the future of Stark Drive along our entire line and will slowly be making the shift to this power level. In fact for those that ordered our RAD Power Upgrade at 750W they have already experienced the 48V systems on our original Stark Drive and this is available even today when customizing your bike on our website.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC.