EU Tracking Added (Will work once imported), Sweden Bikes Delayed, World Bikes Shipped


Hello Backers,

Although our blog updates have been somewhat less frequent things are still moving and shaking here at Stark Drive headquarters. Bikes have been leaving the factory and the new batch of bikes has officially closed and been released to for production. The factory is just finalizing some issues related to currency fluctuations which has held up the physical start of production but we anticipate this very soon. The currency fluctuations have been caused by the devaluation of the RMB over the last several months in comparison to the USD which has several contributing factors not the least of which has been the trade war which has ensued between these respective superpowers. The factory originally quoted us in USD and as we have such excellent pricing, it does have an effect on their bottom line. In the future we have requested all pricing in local currency to avoid any hold ups in this regard.

EU Tracking Numbers Added

We are pleased to announce that all the EU tacking numbers (minus Sweden, and a few other countries) have been added to your respective accounts and/or paypal (if you backed us via paypal). These are placeholders. The numbers are accurate (Delivery via UPS) and will begin to function once imported into the EU. This is the same as how the US/Canada bikes were sent meaning the numbers will show no activity until they reach the carrier after clearing customs and they take possession to deliver the bikes to the backers. This could take a few weeks but less time then it took for our overseas based backers.

Non EU bikes Shipped (if you have covered additional shipping/import charges)

the following countries have also been sent out:

  • India,
  • Costa Rica
  • Uruguay
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • We will be in touch with the respective backers with tracking information once we receive it as well as ETD, and ETA dates.

    Delays to Sweden Bound Bikes

    In the last several weeks there have been some catastrophes due to lithium ion batteries on board cargo ships bound for countries around the world departing China. We are super please to report and feeling quite fortunate that Stark Drives Cargo Container Was Not Among the Damaged. However due to the catastrophes which you can read more about below (use a translator as the news in in Chinese) the Chinese government has really stepped up monitoring and security precautions for any containers containing lithium cells meaning that although the Sweden bound bikes left the factory several weeks ago they have been stuck at the port waiting to board a cargo ship for the last few weeks. This is horrible news for our manufacturing partner as they are legally forced to cover all 'storage' charges at this port while the government conducts their audits and this has already run into the thousands of dollars. This will not effect any of our backers or Stark Drive but it does effect the bottom line of our manufacturing partner and consequently in the future possibly Stark Drive.




    Mate/Indiegogo vs Stark Drive Arbitration Result from April 10th

    The first meeting between our respective councils and the arbitration judge took place as scheduled. It baffles us at Stark Drive that Mate decided it was not worth their time to take part in the proceedings. Indiegogo was there in a more reserved fashion. This type of behavior would only serve to frustrate the judge and does not reflect well upon Mate. The judge has given Mate until the 27th to respond in written form.

    On an aside, I remember watching cartoons as a child, specifically those of an ostrich whom when frightened or in danger decided to duck its head in the sand and since it could no longer see the coming peril it obviously did not exist. From what i remember in these cartoons, it never worked out too well for the Ostrich.

    I would like to revisit one of my favorite songs by one of the best groups of all time below:


    CEO, Stark Drive LLC