EU Batch 4 Bikes Loaded and Shipped (includes Stark Drive Torque prototypes)


Super excited to announce that the Batch 4 EU bikes have been loaded and shipped. We will have tracking numbers for all you buyers shortly. Normally it takes about a week to get the tracking numbers as it first must clear chinese customs agents on the way out of china and the carrier does not create a tracking number until they know they will actually be shipping it. This is common in any items manufactured for export in china and the reason that we dont have tracking numbers right now.

The USA/Canada bikes we should also receive the tracking numbers for this coming week and we will update the blog when we have these on your respective accounts.

We will also be receiving 2 prototype Stark Drive Torque units which we hope to launch in 2019. These will be tested enthusiastically by our staff here to ensure they are up to scratch before we go into full production. The design is incredibly clean and the frame is our own (no more open mould frame for this model). You can also see we went to a little extra effort to emboss the Stark Logo in the frame as well as adding some contact information on these prototype bikes. They will eventually be available in both standard and fat tire variants, both of which are different castings and require separate moulds.

Also included here are our STOCK bikes which means that there will no longer be any waiting time for delivery when you get a stock bike (http://www.starkdive.bike/stock). They are shipped in just a few days to anywhere in the EU.