EU Batch 2 Delivery As You Read This


Hello backers,


We are ecstatic to see that the EU batch 2 bikes are now being delivered all over the EU, many of our backers have already received their bikes! choosing UPS as our delivery partner was the right move as the bikes not only moved faster through customs this time around, they are also much more transparent with the tracking online as well as easier to contact if you have any issues, we believe we will use them as our EU partner for the foreseeable future.

If you dont already have your tracking number you can find it by logging into your account at starkdrive.bike (click REWARDS) at the bottom (footer) of the page. If you dont see it there then just send us a message through chat or email and remember to include your backer number or full name. we will get back to you with your tracking numbers.

Note: when you receive your bikes, check the boxes for any damage and if so report this to the carrier on delivery. this is very important for warranty claim purposes if there is any actual damage but that being said we have learned a lot from batch 1 and have improved packing substantially. if you do have problems with your bike please do not panic, just send us an email and we will troubleshoot the issue with you, seeing as how these bikes were delivered much more quickly, battery drain should not be an issue.

We strive to ensure you get the perfect bike that you backed but we are people too, please treat us kindly and we will do the same.

Stark Drive Helmet

In the near future we will be launching a SMART helmet that not only has LED indicators but also full bluetooth connectivity with your mobile and ability to play your tunes on the go as well as take calls and use your smart assistant.

A comparable product on the market which is of excellent quality is called Lumos

This product does not have all the features we intend to have with our smart helmet and the cost of this helmet is somewhere in the 230 USD range.

We intend to launch Stark Drive SMART for a cost of under $100 US. Indicators on the LED will be controlled from the handlebars enabling those behind you to see what you plan to do and making you safer on your journey especially in bustling and crowded city environments which we hope will reduce even further the chance of any accidents occurring to our valuable backers.

Not only will Stark Drive SMART have more features then the competition but just as we apply our company mantra to the most affordable electric bikes in the world, so does this apply to bicycle accessories and espeically those that have an impact on safety.


Stark Drive Team