Don't Consider ONLY The Purchase Price, Think about Replacement Parts


Hello Everyone,

One thing that many first time electric bike buyers do not fully take into account is the extremely important question of:

'what will things cost to replace if i damage them or need a replacement due to ware'.

We at Stark Drive believe not only in offering the most affordable electric bikes in the world but also in offering the most affordable replacement components in the world. if you look at our competition the prices for replacement parts are several times the cost of what we charge to replace say a replacement or extra battery, controller, or motor. The most expensive components on an electric bike are anything to do with the electrical system with the most costly part on any electric bike being the battery pack. The battery pack is overwhelmingly the most costly part on any electric bike with it costing most time more then all the other components on the bike put together (including the motor etc).

Generally, the battery pack will need to be replaced after a few years whereas the motor will continue to work for many years as all the components for this part are sealed and generally quite durable so long as they are not mistreated. the next most common failure point on an electric bike is the controller which our competition sellers for several times the cost that we charge for the same component.

Other than these parts, the other components, in regards to the electrical system, are easily replaced at a reasonable cost. All non electric components on our electric bikes are not costly to replace and can be done at any bike shop.

We are trying to create an electric bike with a total ownership cost that is miles ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of affordability.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the competition yourself and then come back to our site and check out our accessories.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC