Contest - 100% Functional Stark Drive Unit to a Lucky Backer


Hello Backers,

As with any new company, we want our final product to be perfect and since we are just starting out the checks and balances that are normally established to ensure qualitative repeatability are simply not present. Sure we have an excellent factory handling the manufacturing whom we have vetted from dozens of other factories but at the end of the day its the final product that counts.

We are delivering a state of the art electric bike to the masses and it may be a bit presumptuous of me to compare our situation to that of my idol Elon Musk but the end result is the same when manufacturing a product, in comparison to say delivering a service such as Facebook. The end result is either right or not and if its not, then its not going out and that was the decision i was forced to make which ended up delaying production some weeks.

Although we do not have a final date right now, the target date for sending out the first bach is end of August.

That being said, I'm excited to announce that our EVT Model Stark Drive is exactly as we have wanted it from the beginning and one luck backer is going to be receiving it via air shipping in the coming days. In order to generate some positive energy after the hindrances that have delayed the full scale manufacturing Stark Drive will be shipping out to someone that agrees to blog, tweet, post, instagram, and every other form of social media buzz generation there is so that we can get the word out that Stark Drive is here to stay. Gone are the days of high priced electric bikes and overpriced sustainable transportation solutions. Stark Drive stands for transportation equality and no matter what walk of life or what country, if you have $399 USD you can join the electric bike revolution.

We are not stopping there. Next year, we will be launching Stark Drive mini, which looks similar to other products our mates (Sondors Fold, Mate.bike) have developed for the unbelievable starting price of $299.

Some might have thought it was 'goodbye' when our project was cancelled but we here at Stark Drive like to say 'Hello'.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC