China: World Leader in Green Inner City Transportation


Further to the vein of the eye opening experience of how China is at the forefront of inner city transportation solutions is a short writeup on my experience of what i saw when i was there. Unlike destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia, or even Singapore, the Chinese have embraced emission free transportation solutions in the inner cities. I noticed this in Beijing, Shanghai and several other cities in China.

The main word here is Electric, one of the main ideologies of Stark Drive. You do not see these loud whining motorcycle engines driving everywhere worsening the air quality for both pedestrians and commuters alike. So long as you have a reliable grid from which to draw power, there is no hinderance from embracing the electric transportation revolution.

Historically it was energy density which was the primary hindrance in the mass adoption of electric driven transport. Its a well established fact that petrol has a very high energy density with most estimating that petrol is 100x as energy dense as the latest lithium ion battery packs. However due to the popularity of the electric transport revolution as championed by my personal idol Mr. Elon Musk, great strides are being made to densify and improve battery technology with some estimating that by 2045 they will be on par. In order for change to happen there has to be teh desire and will to make change happen. Without Mr. Musk, OPEC and other Oil and Gas producers would have us by our figurative cojones but due to the change initiated by a futurist, they are even worried

Furthermore, for those that could not afford to obtain a battery driven moped or electric bike the Chinese have a fantastic solution for standard non electric bikes that are literally on every street corner. You simply walk up to one, scan a code and it verifies the bike from the cloud and unlocks the securing mechanism on the bike. you then take it to your destination and once done, scan one more time to lock it. This literally costs pennies.

Here in stockholm we have something similar called City Bike however the downside is that you pay a yearly fee, not a per use fee which could either be a good or bad thing depending on your level of usage. Further you must pick up and and leave the bikes at designated locations as the securing mechanism is not on the bike itself but rather in attaching the front of the bike to a rack which then locks. Archaic by any standard especially when everyone has smart phones now. On top of this, i would guess that if these bikes are made locally, they actually cost more then our base model Stark Drive which is electric and since these have to go to a designated rack, why not have it charge at the same time? The entire infrastructure is already in Stockholm to electrify all bike transport.

And here below you have something very common and not not commonly accepted or even legal in most western countries. I have seen these electric mopeds with up to 5 people on them in China. In terms of cost/km for transport, they are the most economical in the world, compare this to a vehicle or airplane and the amount of weight/energy units used to transport someone from A to B.

The design leads itself to being inherently safer then a typical petrol motorcycle as the center of weight is concentrated towards the battery pack which is in the base of the moped similar to the design of a Tesla.

Photos of the various companies competing in the non motor driven bike sharing services in the city.

Literally at every bus stop you will find these bikes. Its a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle and save time as well instead of having to wait for a bus.

More with our manufacturer (including a quasi interview) coming in future updates.

From Stockholm with ♡

CEO, Stark Drive LLC