Batch 3 USA & Europe Bikes Delivered (or nearly), Remember Battery Controls System Power


Hello Everyone,

we are super please to be getting reports from around the western globe of bikes being delivered to anxious backers (the final backers actually, as now we have switched to a regular for sale website).

Its important to remember to take your bike shop to get assembled if you have any doubts as this is a high performance machine that can reach some serious speeds and having a professional fine tune it for you can only help in the long run.


Please remember that every single batch three bike has a battery pack that turns off total system power. The bike will not turn on if the battery is not turned on. The key has 3 settings, OFF, ON (but not locked in the frame), ON (locked in the frame). the key can not be removed when the bike is on, this is a security feature. It can be a bit of a challenge the first time you try to turn the key as its placed under the bike but with some practice it will become second nature. its important to have it this way in order to reduce any foreign particles entering the area.

Without the key the bike will not turn on.

Insert the key and turn in order to enable system power and then the bike computer and all other power functions will work.

Batch 4 and Stock Units

Batch 4 is progressing very well and we anticipate that it will be done as originally anticipated at the end of august for shipping worldwide. Fortunately at the same time our Stock units seen here: https://starkdrive.bike/stock will also be done so its not too late to pick up Stark Drive and have it delivered in record time. Minor modifications can be made to these units if you contact us after purchasing. We hope to have these stock units located in warehouses in Europe and the USA to further reduce deliver time to just a few days after purchasing.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC