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With our focus on ensuring that we minimize waiting times for our advanced and ultra affordable electric bikes we have focused on our supply chain and were able to successfully manufacture and ship to our warehouses worldwide our most popular configurations of Stark Drive before the current manufacturing slowdown which has effected our manufacturing partners in China. While it is still true that if you build a custom Stark Drive electric bike the waiting time will be up to 160 days and possibly beyond this figure due to the current situation, we diligently planned ahead removing the main critique about our bikes, that being the delivery times, when we had originally launched Stark Drive in 2017 to ensure that our customers are able to be up and riding in no time when the order from our stock section here:


You can order either the City, City+ or even the Advanced model here in various colors based on your preference. For our EU model bikes, the City, we have all applicable EU taxes included right in the price so you pay no more at checkout. Note that for our imports there is an 80% duty Charge as well as a 21% vat charge based on our country of import. This adds up to over 100% the value of Stark Drive however we have rolled these costs into our pricing as well as working to keep our prices as low as possible on this popular and fully legal EU model with a power 250W motor and generous 9ah battery pack which can easily get you 45 to 60km on a single charge based on your road conditions and level of assist.


For our customers that are interested in taking Stark Drive off public roads, no matter where you are located in the world we have a special on our Stark Drive Advanced Stock bike that, for a limited time, will include not only all applicable taxes but also all shipping costs for an unbelievable $1400 US shipped anywhere in the world. As we expect these to be used off road, we have configured these bikes with our upgraded Fat Tires which can be adjusted to your terrain conditions by inflating or deflating the tires accordingly. This bike includes many of our most popular upgrades and includes our popular 'throttle' option which lets you go full electric when the situation demands it. It also has our custom Stark Drive 500W hub motor system for extra power when needed.


Take Stark Drive on your next adventure knowing that you will have the power and range that you need. Use our inbuilt USB charge to keep your mobile phone topped up to ensure that when you are off the beaten path, you can find you way back. Take advantage of our 21 gears to ensure that you can traverse any incline. As always, all Stark Drive models include a front light and a horn for safety, a feature that many of our competitors charge extra for or do not even include as an option with their bikes. We have also included unique features that are rarely seen on the market such as 'cruise control' so that you can set your speed and forget it without needing to pedal or use the throttle. All our stock models also now include the rear light per default, again as a safety feature as they illuminate with extra intensity when you are using the brakes to inform those whom are behind you that you are braking, just like a standard vehicle. These are a requirement in several jurisdictions throughout the world.


We are looking forward to the (re)launch of Stark Drive Torque with even more improved features from our first prototype and we will be publishing more details on this new model as well as in depth videos in the coming days. Stark Drive Torque includes features such as fingerprint recognition unlocking, wireless charging, a completely redesigned battery pack that can function as a power plant when removed from the bike so that you are never without power no matter how off road you take your bike. With up to 22ah of power and a refined system wide power upgrade on some models to 48V, Torque will give you not only extra power when your ride demands it but also the range that many of our customers are looking for. For Torque we have partnered with BAFANG and have opted to use their ultra powerful Mid Motor drive system with our Torque Max using their famous and ultra powerful M600 engine with an unbelievable 160Nm of torque and many users have configured this motor to run at up to 2500W, although our shipping versions top out at 1000W of power to comply with legislative regulations. These power levels are user configurable and we will provide the hardware to make adjustments after our launch.

Keep safe and ride well


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC