Crowdfunding Venture

Why are we going through Crowdfunding?

The first time i tried an electric bike, I fell in love. Unfortunately for me this trial was at a local Bicycle shop and my trial was limited to 15 min. Although I fell in love with the bike, the price was a huge barrier for me. The particular bike i tried was about 40,000 Kr (4500 USD). It had everything hidden in the frame as well as GPS tracking.

Being an engineer by trade (and very good at numbers) I set out to work with a few friends of mine that had the same passion as I did and after we completed a first principles cost analysis of what every single component on an electric bike should cost and the results really surprised us.

The price was nowhere near 4500 USD in fact it was about a tenth of that price all in. We immediately set to work to find a manufacturer that could build us the bike of our dreams for the price of our dreams. There have been many similar low cost bikes attempted in the past such as sondors, wave electric bike, mate etc. but they all fail in one way or another in terms of design, quality or price.

The Trifecta is what Stark Drive Electric Bikes has achieved and seemingly its contradictory in its entire nature: A High Quality, Super Affordable, Full Featured electric bike at a price that you cant even find through distributors in Asian markets.

We are now ready to go into production on Stark Drive but the one variable that has us seeking funds through crowdfunding is our manufacturing partners demand of minimum order quantities.

As such when we receive support through through our website ( for the purposes of crowdfunding our revolutionary bike, backers funds are immediately transferred to our manufacturing partners to get the production process under way and to reduce lead times so that we can uphold our original planned shipping dates. Unlike a traditional store you are helping to launch our product and although we fully warranty Stark Drive as per our policies there is a possibility to upgrade Stark Drive and/or change your model but not to cancel your order as the funds have already been allocated. During our crowdfunding campaign (ie when you back us during the time we are actively crowdfunding) you are donating funds to help launch Stark Drive not purchasing a product and after backing we endeavor to fulfill all backers rewards at the earliest opportunity.

We are passing these incredible savings onto you our backers for helping us launch the future of biking for everyone.

Stark Drive will always be the most affordable electric bike in the world. As better motors are developed, they will be installed on Stark Drive, As higher capacity batteries are produced, they will be the default on Stark Drive.

Prediction: All Bicycles in the future will be Electric Its taken us 2 years to get to this point, all contracts are signed, we are ready to unleash Stark Drive Electric Bikes to the world. My team is emphatically anticipating the first deliveries in Spring 2017. We are constantly improving Stark Drive and with more backers we will be offering better and higher overall quality as our campaign progresses so get your friends/parents/strangers involved and tell them about Stark Drive.

Legalise: Terms of Crowdfunding

Definitions In these Terms, we refer to those raising funds as "Campaign Owners" and to their fundraising campaigns as "Campaigns." We refer to those contributing funds as "Contributors" and to the funds they contribute as "Contributions." Campaign Owners, Contributors and other visitors to the Services are referred to collectively as "Users." is a Venue

Stark Drive LLC is a start-up company that has adopted the crowdfunding model for procuring its project to the world!

THIS IS A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. Your contributions/donations towards the launch campaign will be used solely for purpose of moving the project forward. In exchange for your contributions/donations, we endeavor to deliver you the perk (i.e. the electric bike package you selected) at the conclusion of our campaign.

Any contributions or donations made during our launch campaign are for the purposes of helping launch our company and are therefore not purchases of physical product. Contributions and donations are non-refundable and we endeavor to fulfill any backers rewards at the earliest opportunity.

Users under 18 years of age are not eligible to participate without parental or guardian consent.