Stark Drive Showroom In Stockholm!


Hello Backers!

We are super excited over here in Stockholm. With the tremendous support of you backers and our vision of affordable and well equipped but more importantly customizable electric bikes for the masses we have achieved a lot in a short amount of time.

We were always interested in helping to cement our legitimacy through the creation of a non ostentatious showroom where anyone can show up and try Stark Drive for themselves.

We are pleased to report that as of Friday we have signed a contract with a building owner to open up our own showroom on the beautiful island of Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.

The space is perfect with huge windows and is actually a protected historical architectural building. This will be the perfect forum for people interested in seeing what we have to offer and getting into the seat of Stark Drive. We will also have terminals at the location so that people interested can order their custom bike right there.

Are there any designers among our backers? If you have a knack for Shop layout (think more Apple Store) we would love to get in touch with you. There are some generous rewards for those that work with us to bring our Showroom to life. Contact us at hello@starkdrive.com.

With ❤ From Stockholm

CEO, Stark Drive LLC