Stark Drive Commends the Swedish Government Get a Further 25% Off


Hello (Swedish) Backers,

We are super excited to relay the information that as of September 20th 2017, all electric bikes that are sold in Sweden qualify for 25% off up to a total of 10.000 SEK (approx 1250 USD) an an incentive to purchase and start using electric bikes as a form of transportation. With our bikes starting at $399, that means that for the base model of Stark Drive you can now deduct a further $100 USD from the price meaning Stark Drive can be yours for as little as $299!

We firmly believe that major city centers will eventually be completely vehicle free and that public transportation, and bicycles will dominate the urban lanscape. In order to accelerate this much needed transformation the Swedish government is setting aside 350 Million SEK per year from 2018 through to 2020 to promote the adoption of electric transport which includes electric bicycles.

While the final details of the rebate are not set in stone the important thing here is to save your backer information when you support Stark Drive and eventually you will be able to submit this to the Swedish government for your money back.

What does this mean for you, our Swedish Backers?

Well it means you can now upgrade Stark Drive even more knowing that you will get money back on every upgrade meaning you can more fully equip your electric bike perhaps with a higher capacity battery pack or a host of other upgrades that we offer to help you create your perfect transporation tool

As our deliveries to Sweden are coming in the following weeks everyone that has backed us will qualify for this incentive.

Further On Deliveries,

The first batch is complete and we are doing a final check of all the addresses that are registered from a master list that the factory has created to ensure no errors. Transportation errors would be costly from both a financial and time perspective. We have some news that will mean that the first shipment will not go out until at least October 8th the reason being that China has a national holiday from the 30th of September to October 8th where the entire country shuts down. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about this and we regret that it will take just a bit longer till you all receive the most affordable and most well equipped electric bike in the world.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC