EU Bikes Leave Factory, Excitement Ensues, Yes we Used the Train Again.


Hello Backers,

Super excited to report that the EU bikes as of a couple days ago left the factory. Below you can see photos of the bikes as they head to the logistics partner for eventual loading on to a train bound for the EU. Last time (which was near christmas 2017) we experienced really long delays during the EU import process and we were very hesitant to send the bikes the same way this time but we were assured that this would not occur now as the christmas rush is over and we are using a different import point. Theoretically, the train should be about 50% faster then the boat for transport to the EU at 2-3 weeks.

Once it arrives to the EU, they will go through import and inspection and then will be sent to the local delivery agents warehouse for final delivery to your respective doors.

Since the delivery will be much faster then time, we dont anticipate any issues with low voltage batteries and we have packed these bikes much better so we anticipate no damage during the shipping process. Further, EU delivery agents generally are much kinder to our bikes then their partners in the USA.

Tracking Numbers for your respective bikes will be sent after they are imported to the EU and once the local delivery agents get the bikes, these will be uploaded to paypal (if you backed us that way) and/or sent to you via email.

Batch 3

We have closed batch 3 and submitted it to the factory, manufacturing will take approximately 1 month and then we will ship. We are moving forward with our MASTER PLAN and have included in this batch 2 units of STARK DRIVE TORQUE which will eventually be the first ever torque based electric bike launching at under $1000 USD as unbelievable as that may seem. (comparable bikes on the market start at around $4000)

Rest of The World Bikes (Non USA/CANADA/EU)

Talk about a logistics nightmare! we have been trying to find the most affordable ways to get bikes to far away places such as Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Kuwait, Mexico India etc) and due to the various import procedures and taxes etc the delivery can vary from Express air shipment to Boat shipment delivered to the port.

Note: we always work to get you the most affordable delivery method but in some cases such its impossible due to local regulations to get a super low price. We have a solution for this however, tell all your friends when you get your bikes so that next time we send a minimum of 150 units to your respective countries and then we just send a container which is ultra affordable.

All of these bikes are going out next week, we should have photos of them as they leave the factory which we will publish when we receive them.


We love feedback and some of our backers have thoughtfully taken the time to send us reviews of their bikes from batch 1 which we appreciate, we want to improve all the time and make Stark Drive the best electric bike in the world. Also if you have the opportunity to review us on Trustpilot, that would be excellent, good or bad it helps us to improve.

Indiegogo/Mate Arbitration in USA

The first meeting regarding this arbitration for tortious interference between Mate/Indiegogo and ourselves has taken over a year since the events took place (February 23 2017) but its finally happening. April 10th is the first meeting between the respective parties. We will of course keep you updated on the events as they transpire as we aim for full transparency.

Thank you

CEO, Stark Drive LLC