EU Batch 3 Ships / USA & Canada Batch 3 Ship - How does Tracking Work Clarification.


Hello Everyone!

We are super excited to announce that Batch 3 has left the building!

Below you will see photos of first the EU bikes which actually left the factory to be sent by Train to the EU (same as we did last time, however we send it to Hungary for import as opposed to the overcrowded and overloaded port we used in batch 1). We have found this import point very efficient and have had no issues with it in terms of delays.

The USA and Canada bikes are traveling by Boat and the tracking numbers for these bikes will be uploaded to your backer page once we receive them in about a week. they will be shipped by UPS. This whole process is definitely much more efficient now then it was when we first started and we have a much more predictable. We have photos below of this shipment as well.

On every batch we have improved on total production time (from factory to end user) with the first delayed to circumstances that were beyond our control taking about 6 months to the second batch taking on average about 5 months and now this shipment which technically closed end of March and now has shipped and will be received mid July 3.5 - 4 months!

We will continue to work to improve delivery times and are even making headway into having stock in all major zones so that if you get a standard bike, it will be sent out to you in just a few days.

The tracking works like this:

UPS tracking numbers will be uploaded to all of our accounts (if you forgot your password or cant access your account email us at hello@starkdrive.com and we will reset this information for you). These tracking numbers will show up at:

Processed, Ready for UPS

That means that the tracking numbers are in UPS's system and once the bikes clear customs in the destination country they will be passed onto UPS and then activate. Boat shipping takes about 4 weeks, we will provide information on the boat so that you can track its progress online when we get it. Train shipping takes about the same time.

I personally want to once again thank everyone that has believed and invested in our groundbreaking concept of ultra affordable electric bikes we will continue to work hard to improve features and reduce prices.

Our journey is still just beginning, and its one of passion, dedication and altruism.


USA & Canada Bikes


CEO, Stark Drive LLC.